Pump types

What we offer

The supplied pumps are divided into the following basic groups according to construction and areas of use:

Centrifugal pumps

for pumping neutral, aggressive, flammable, hot and cold liquids. Can be made of cast iron, steel, stainless steel, bronze and various types of chemically resistant polymers. Basic types:

  • end suctions;
  • deep well;
  • many sections (high pressure);
  • for heating and hot water preparation;
  • submersible (for drainage and sewage water);
  • self-priming for dirty waters with high solids

Self-priming pumps

are used for lowering the groundwater level in construction works, pumping out ponds and quarries, emergency services. Can be equipped with electric or diesel engines, which allows them to be used in places where there is no electricity supply.

Dosing pumps

used for precise dosing of chemical additives in technological processes. Housing materials can be stainless steel or chemically resistant polymers. Magnetic drive is widely used.

Gear pumps

for pumping thick, highly viscous liquids. Materials – cast iron, steel and stainless steel. Can be complete with different sealing materials or magnetic drive.

Vacuum pumps

are widely used in packaging processes and other processes where it is necessary to create a vacuum. Divided into liquid circuit pumps and dry pumps. More commonly used types:

  • liquid circuit vacuum pumps
  • dry vacuum pumps (for food industry and packaging)
  • oil chamber vacuum pumps.

Pressure boosting and fire stations

used for increasing pressure in multi-storey buildings, in systems where constant pressure is required (with a frequency converter), water supply to automatic fire sprinkler systems or to hydrants.